Sunday, February 10, 2013

Coffee With Mike Episode 010, Love

Coffee With Mike Episode 010

February 9, 2013


I'm looking for new music, bumpers, and artwork if you would care to donate it.  Thanks!


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  1. hahaha... love the sound effects. i'm enjoying some iced green-jasmine tea. i wish i was able to join you for lunch this afternoon. my lent and fast will be from chocolate, again. i remember you saying that mostly children give up candies, etc. someday, i'll put more thought into this, but for me, i'm kind of a child to this religion even though i grew up in the protestant christian church. i don't know too much about catholicism per se except for what i've heard from you and some of my other catholic friends. i've gone to a mass to listen to a friend sing in a choir, but i don't feel like i've even really scratched the surface in knowing all that is out there. still, i think it was two years ago in the old lake forest building that you first explained what lent was to me during a mardis gras lunch at the roundtable restaurant for a buffet-style fat tuesday. giving up something corporeal, even though a seemingly trivial act, somehow helps to press the thought in for me. it's a self-denial to appreciate the greatest sacrifice that was made in the death and resurrection of Jesus. it's beautiful that in almsgiving, we are also able to understand in more concrete terms the meaning of sacrifice and the joy that comes from bringing goodwill to others. it is a very selfless love--an agape love. i completely agree with love being a decision and more of an action than a feeling. feelings are so fleeting and controllable, really, whereas a decision is a conscious act/action that takes perseverence, time, thought, and energy. i wish there was a
    marriage encounter available for those who are not married but are hoping the get married someday. it sounds like a great thing.
    btw, man-stories? lol... very honest and raw. prayers and thoughts to you. [included applause/cheers from a friend]

  2. Hello Mike:

    I caught up on your podcast. Well done. I am giving up Soda Pop (Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, and Coca Cola are my main nemesis). It will be difficult during the weekends when I eat out (I feel that my wife will keep me in line however). There are many new learning opportunities and tasks added to my plate at work (PMP study, 6 Sigma Study, Learn Hadoop, Learn some new test hardware, help develop some new test software). It looks like I am going to need to work hard on priorities.

    It is good that Ann and George are doing well. Hope you and your family continue to have blessings. I will continue to pray for you.