Thursday, November 8, 2012

Episode 002 - Presidential Election

In episode 2 of Coffee With Mike I talk about flying rockets at Plaster Blaster and going to ROCStock.  I comment on a CNN article titled, "Do you believe in a red state Jesus or a blue state Jesus", paragraph 166 of the Catechism, and an organization called Cradle to Career:  Kenya.

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  1. we are a nation that is becoming quite apathetic about many things. it's refreshing to hear firm beliefs. being an agnostic, it is difficult to hear things that point to my own apathy and shortcomings with respect to making a firm decision or having a firm opinion about such things. i always say i'll think about it later, but thanks for giving me an opportunity each week to think about it now. thanks for handing your faith on to others. i am grasping some of it, and i must say, that it is a humbling experience. with growth, i guess there is sometimes pain, but in the end, it is all worth the while. i'll be listening for more podcasts. hope you enjoyed rocstock. :)