Friday, November 23, 2012

Coffee With Mike #004

Episode 4 - Thanksgiving
November 23, 2012
In this episode I mention a book that I'm reading, Defending the Free Market:  The Moral Case for a Free Economy by Fr. Robert Sirico, continue the saga of the ROC Board of Directors, talk about the need for fellowship, forgiving myself, and God's plan for my salvation.  I also start preparing for Advent.

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  1. Hello Mike: Nice Podcast. Talked to Chris Mass today. He is making final preparations for his trip. Hope to hear you both on a podcast soon. PS, I signed up the the Catechism email (from your first podcast and have been following it.

  2. Curtis,

    I'm looking forward to seeing Chris again as well. I've been reading the Catechism and I'm managing to stay caught up. Well, I don't necessarily read the e-mail everyday but then I make an effort to get caught back up. I like it.